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Image by Roberta keiko Kitahara Santana

Our Favorite Breweries in  Austin, Texas

Central District Brewery

The Central District Brewing – as the name implies – is centrally located in Downtown Austin. Opened in March 2019, they opened to serve local Austin beers. Starting May 2019, however, the brewery released their first batch of brews.The brewery is “very well located” at the ground floor of the parking garage next to the Austin Convention Center. That means you won’t ever have to worry about parking! It’s also “an easy walk to the nightlife on 6th Street”. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from nearby.


Jester King

Nestled on 165 acres in the Texas Hill Country, Jester King Brewery & Kitchen is dedicated to conservation, sustainability, and stewardship of our land. Several acres are allocated to our working farm, with progress being made towards food crops that can be used in our kitchen as well as beer production.



Zilker Brewery

It all started with a few Austin locals back in 2008– the Clark brothers, Patrick and Forrest, and their best friend from high school, Marco Rodriguez. The three dove headfirst into brewing with a setup in their garage. They quickly fell in love with the craft and dedicated their time outside of work to this new hobby.

Hops & Grain

At Hops & Grain we take sustainability very seriously. We focus our sustainability efforts in the areas of environmental stewardship, community involvement and industry leadership. We continually implement sustainable systems in our brewery. We're making our community greener through giving 1% of our annual revenue to local environmental non-profits and we support our local community growers and producers.


Just two small rhizomes, planted on a whim. Yet they roared to life and swallowed our patio in a blaze of green. Rampant. Seductive. It would be a shame to let them go to waste. We had been roasting our own coffee for years. Why not try brewing beer? It seemed like such an innocent decision at the time...

Blue Owl Sours

Blue Owl Brewing is an all sour brewery in Austin, Texas. We started Blue Owl in 2015 to make sour beers approachable yet still unique. Our souring style accentuates the beer rather than dominating your taste buds. We aim to produce clean, well-balanced sour beers that retain the characteristics of their style.

Friends & Allies

Certainly by now you have encountered a Friends and Allies brew around town, (Noisy Cricket anyone?). Their first two beers have been on the market since early 2016 thanks to a special alternatating proprietorship agreement with 4th Tap Brewing Co-op. The agreement allowed Friends and Allies to brew their beer on site while 4th Tap Co-op was not using the space, a creative arrangement. Since then, Ben Sabin has been slinging beers all over town while Devon Ponds was working on opening the brewery on the east side of town.

Austin Beerworks

We share a palate at ABW but never, ever, a toothbrush. We often say ‘simplicity always wins’ in unison (yeah, it’s freaky). We like beers with clarity of flavor brewed with clear intention. We embrace new techniques, new ingredients and painfully expensive equipment as long as it allows us to make better beer.

And we’re never going to release a beer we’re not excited about or proud of. 

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