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Frontera and its team have been guiding tours in Austin Texas, way before opening up the business. I remember working at the bike shop in town curating a super cool bike tour for guests and coming up with a route that I believe encompasses Austin in a nutshell on a bike. Its taken years to connect this route and below is the same exact tour I used to guide, DIY style.

Where to start

Start your DIY bike tour renting a bike at Barton Springs Bike Rentals. Not only are they super close to the lady bird lake hike and bike trail, but they are super affordable. If you have your own bike in town, Feel free to park at the Trek (the old bicycle sports shop) on Barton Springs road. 

1st stop-

Barton Springs


Be sure and take the Lady bird lake bike trail to the front entrance of the pool.


Barton Springs pool is an Austin favorite and has been around for thousands of years, even since the Tonkawana native Americans. Its fed by the Edwards aquifer and stays 72 degrees all year around. If you come back to for a swim, you'll have the pleasure to swim the Austin's endangered Barton spring


Barton Springs on a bicycle.
Lou Neff Austin texas

2nd stop-

Lou Neff point

The Lou Neff view point is one of my favorites spots to stop at on the bike tour. You have the view of city, Ladybird lake and it's paddlers, and don't forget to look down for the yellow bellied slider turtles


In the center of the gazebo, suspended from cables, is a wrought-iron sculpture composed of an armadillo, a rattle snake and an eagle . 

3rd Stop-

Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge

Continue back towards the city on the trail and cross over the pedestrian bridge at Lamar blvd.


If you're looking at the city from the pfluger pedestrian bridge, note that's where the first 300 families resided when Stephen F Austin arrived. Before the adopting the name Austin, this area was called Waterloo, Texas for its beautiful banks.

library in austin texas
bike riding in austin Texas

4th stop-

Austin central library

Alrigth lets head into the downtown area. Follow the circular ramp that takes you back onto the LBL trail and continue till you reach the tunnel under Cesar Chavez RD. This is where the city and nature connect. Start looking up at the many sky rises you pass.

5th stop-

house park bbq

It may be under renovations so be sure and check hours first.

Oldest bbq in Austin. Opned in 1943.


Once you pass the library, follow shoal creek trail until you hit 12th street. You'll see House Park BBQ on the corner. Not many people know about this trail so you'll feel like you're in nature in the middle of downtown.

house park bbq austin texas
Bicycles and Austin Capitol building

6th stop-


If you're not in a food coma after bbq, head East on 12th street a straight shot to the Austin Capitol building. It can get a ptetty warm in Austin and this spot is great spot to duck for some A/C. Its free.


The Capitol Building was constructed in 1888 and totally out of granite. Look up at all the flags that once occupied this area.



7th stop-

Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue

Take Congress Avenue south towards the lake and cross the SOCO Bridge. be sure come back at night for the bats show underneath SOCO bridge, but for now head towards auditorium shores to see Stevie Ray Vaughan, one of the best guitarist and blues musician.

Austin Stevie ray vaughan on bikes
mountain biking near austin texas.
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