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Austin River Tubing Float Guides

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Floating the River in Austin Texas

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

What does it actually mean to float the river in Austin Texas?

When a Texan says "floating the river is a staple," they aren't kidding. Floating the river in Austin, Texas actually means river tubing down in San Marcos, Texas. The float is quite lazy and can take up to 4 hours. This activity is great for bachelor and bachelorette parties, big corporate groups, and even solo travelers. The San Marcos river is located 4o minutes south of Austin, Texas. Frontera Tours offers shuttles down to the river and back. What's cool about the river is that it originates from the San Marcos Spring. Central Texas is considered subtropical and can feel quite jungly sometimes. After our wet season the Edwards Aquifer, which is an under ground cave system, collects rain water and creates swimming holes all over central Texas. The fresh water river stays 72 degree all year around and is the best way to beat the heat. During the float, you'll see huge cypress trees, tons of turtles, and colorful sun fish. Drinking alcohol is allowed on the river and be sure to prepare for the hot sun. Drink plenty of water and don't forget sunscreen. Remember to please pack your trash, no glass and styrofoam, and have FUN!




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