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Austin River Tubing Float Guides

Are Beer Cans Allowed on Texas' Rivers when Floating

Updated: Feb 9

Some rivers have issued a can ban during while tubing and some are still allowing them.

Enjoying a cold beer on the San Marcos river


Yes, cans are allowed on the San Marcos river while you float the river but glass and styrofoam are not allowed. This helps protect the river and the ecosystem. The San Marcos river is quite precious and fragile so please leave no trace.

If y'all join a float trip with Frontera Tours , we provide onion mesh bags to everyone for trash. It's a great way to float the river and keep your trash on board. At the end we'll have trash cans for everyone.


No Disposable Containers are allowed on the Comal River: All “throw away" and/or "one time use” drink containers, food packaging and wrappers, are prohibited, banned, and outlawed on the Comal River.

This Rule is also known as the "New Braunfels Can Ban". Examples of disposable containers are one time plastic water bottles, Ziploc plastic baggies, plastic forks, spoons, knives, paper cups, plastic cups, styrofoam cups and containers, all glass items, beverage cans, one time use mini kegs, food wrappers and packaging, plastic wrap, plastic trash bags, aluminum foil, wine boxes, juice boxes, paper plates, paper towels, napkins, etc.

We recommend taking a couple yeti insulated bottles and filling them up with your favorite beverage.



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