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Austin River Tubing Float Guides

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Our Best Seltzers for tubing and a perfect day floating the river

Let's face it, Seltzers are no longer just a fad in the beer world. Where once the only option was White Claw, now even the best breweries all over the country, including those in Austin, have jumped into the game, producing Seltzers that are unique, fun, and perfect for a day drinking on the water. And when it comes to drinking an ice cold beverage while tubing the river, Frontera Tours has you covered for what we think are the best ones to sip on while floating. And if you're more of a beer person, check out our top 5 Texas river beers! Let's dive in!

#5 White Claw

Sipping a white claw in a tube on the San Marcos River

White Claw, with its crisp and refreshing qualities, is undoubtedly an amazing choice for floating the river in Texas. Whether you're tubing down the Guadalupe, Comal, or any of the other picturesque rivers in the Lone Star State, there are several reasons why White Claw is the perfect companion for your river adventure. It gets the job done without leaving you bloated, has a refreshing mix of flavor options, and is widely available at any store. While Texas breweries have left White Claw in the dust in terms of quality, there will always be a place in our hearts (and in our tubes) for this tried and true staple of river seltzers.

#4 Topo Chico Ranch Water

Topo Chico Ranch Water is another fantastic choice for a river floating drink. It offers a taste of Texas culture, being a play on the popular West Texas drink, a Ranch Water, which consists of blanco tequila, Topo Chico, and lime juice. Very refreshing and sure to keep you cool and hydrated. Remember to enjoy it responsibly, stay safe on the water, and appreciate the unique Texan experience it provides during your river trip.

#3 Blue Owl Austin Hard Seltzer

Mexican Martinis are the best on the San Marcos, Comal, or Guadalupe river

@blueowlbrewing on Instagram

Blue Owl made our favorite river beer list, and come through on the seltzer side of things as well. Coming in flavors like Mexican Martini, Peach Daquiri, and Apple Fizz, they are pushing flavors in a fun direction will keeping the drinkability intact. Drink local while you float with one of the best seltzers for tubing!

#2 Mighty Swell Hard Seltzer

Local Austin seltzer and the Austin skyline

Mighty Swell Hard Seltzers are truly exceptional in the world of alcoholic beverages, elevating the usual seltzer with more flavor. What sets them apart is their remarkable range of vibrant, true-to-life fruit flavors that burst with authenticity. Whether you're sipping on the tangy allure of Blackberry or indulging in the tropical sweetness of Mango, each can delivers a refreshing and crisp experience reminiscent of sparkling soda, but with a delightful alcoholic twist. Whether you're relaxing in the San Marcos river, drinking on the bus ride back, or out for a classic Austin night of drinks, Mighty Swell is the perfect companion for all your social occasions.

#1 Karbach Ranch Water Seltzer

Bring Karbach for your next river float from Austin

Karbach Ranch Water seltzer is the ultimate river seltzer, and our second Ranch Water on the list. Surpassing Topo Chico in many ways, its authentic Texan roots and natural flavors capture the essence of a Texas river adventure like no other. Karbach Ranch Water seltzer boasts a distinctive taste, combining crisp mineral water with real agave nectar and lime, creating a refreshing and uniquely Texan flavor profile that evokes the spirit of the Lone Star State. This regional authenticity, coupled with its balanced sweetness and zesty citrus notes, makes Karbach Ranch Water the perfect river companion.

Now that you've gotten your seltzers, book a trip with us and we will ice 'em down and get you floating Friday through Sunday between April and October.




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