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Austin River Tubing Float Guides

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Best Beer for Floating the River

We've all been there. You're at your local HEB staring at a wall of beer, trying to pick out the perfect one to quench that thirst during a hot summer day floating the river. Or maybe you are visiting Austin for the first time, and want to really fit in with the locals and grab something other than Bud Light.

Look no further and let Frontera Tours guide you in all the ways of the perfect river beer. Pick any of these beers and you'll be floating the river like a local, enjoying some of the best river beers Texas has to offer.

Native Texan beer on the Guadalupe river

This German style Pilsner is sure to keep you cool while meandering down any river, whether it's the San Marcos, Guadalupe, Frio, or the Comal (be sure to check out our guide to the Comal River Can Ban first!). At 5.2% ABV, the Native Texan packs slightly more kick than your typical light beer, but won't leave you high and dry when it's time to get on back to Austin.

Dogs float the river too

@shinerbeer on Instagram

A light blonde lager, Shiner hits the mark for all occasions, but especially a day tubing in the hot sun. Shiner is a Texas brewery legend, so you'd be missing out to not enjoy a cold one any time you're in Texas. This beer is 4.2%ABV and good for sipping or for shotgunning over on Shotgun Island. Even better, a trip down to Shiner, TX is one of the top daytrips from Austin, and takes you by some of the best BBQ this state has to offer!

#3 - Little Boss Sour Session Wheat - Blue Owl Brewing

Some shotgunned beers

@blueowlbrewing on Instagram

A beer for you sour heads out there, as well as all wheat beer lovers. This offering from Blue Owl Brewing over in East Austin is a perfect compliment to your standard Texas river beers. The sourness feels lights your tongue as if it gets to soak up just as much sun as your skin is while relaxing in your tube. Bring a sixer of these on the river, and you're sure to make friends in no time... and run out quicker than you thought!

#2 Carl Kolsch - St. Elmo Brewing

two six packs of fresh river beer

@stelmobrewing on Instagram

St. Elmo brewing is putting out some of the best local Austin beer around (and also some incredible fried chicken!), and the Carl Kolsch couldn't be better. Full flavored yet easy drinking, what more could you want from a river beer? And when you get home, shower and shave and visit their brewery to get the full Austin experience.

#1 Lone Star Beer - Lone Star Brewing Company

the national river beer of Texas

Its the NATIONAL beer of Texas for a reason, and Lone Star beer will do you no wrong on a long day spent soaking in the cool San Marcos river, chatting with friends and having a ball. Why complicate things? Put down the Bud Light. Ditch the Miller. Say "No" to those Blue Mountain cans. Get you and your crew a case of Lone Star and drink like the locals do! There will be plenty of time to get over to our amazing Austin breweries when you're done.

Next up, we will dive into the world of Austin and Texas based seltzers that up your river game to 11. And don't forget, when you float with Frontera, we got your coolers and ice covered so those beers will stay extra cold the entire day!





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