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Navigating the New 2024 Can Ban in San Marcos with Frontera Tours

Hey y'all! You may have heard that San Marcos officially adopted a can-ban ordinance starting this year. We've gotten a lot of questions about how that affects us this year and beyond, so we wanted to dive into the ordinance and what it means for your next river trip. But first, lets jump right to the point:

Frontera Tours and the portion of river we float IS NOT AFFECTED by this new can-ban.

The city of San Marcos has taken a significant step forward in environmental conservation by adopting a "can ban" that impacts how locals and tourists alike will enjoy the river. However, for those of you looking to float with us at Frontera Tours, we're here to clarify how these changes will affect your experience.

Pack in and pack out

Understanding the Can Ban

On May 1, the San Marcos City Council will implement a ban on single-use beverage containers within the city limits of the San Marcos River. This ordinance aims to reduce pollution and maintain the river's natural beauty for future generations to enjoy. Alongside this, the city has set a limit of one 30-quart cooler per person on public waterways, although there are no limitations within the riverfront parks. This move aligns with similar bans in nearby cities like New Braunfels and Martindale, showcasing a regional effort to protect our precious waterways.

The decision was driven by the community's desire for a cleaner environment and was supported by local activists and council members who have been advocating for such measures for years. The aim is not to restrict fun but to ensure that fun doesn't come at the expense of our river's health.

Frontera Tours: Where the Ban Doesn't Apply

Now, here's the good news for our guests: the portion of the San Marcos River that Frontera Tours utilizes for our floating adventures is actually outside the city limits, in the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of San Marcos. This means that the newly implemented can ban does not apply to our tours. You can still enjoy your beverages in single-use containers (i.e. beer cans) while floating down the river with us. However, we strongly encourage responsible disposal of all trash and the use of reusable containers whenever possible to help protect the environment. We always provide trash sacks for your floats!

cleaning up post float day

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Frontera Tours, we're more than just about having a good time. We're committed to sustainability and the preservation of the natural beauty that surrounds us. We applaud the city's efforts to reduce pollution and protect the San Marcos River, and we're dedicated to doing our part as well. While floating with us, you can expect the utmost respect of the river to be shown. Trash bags are always provided, and your river guides even encourage extra cleaning when the opportunity arises during your tubing trip. At the end of the float, all cans are disposed into readily available recycling bins. We even re-use the bags themselves!

Join Us for a Responsible Adventure

We invite locals and tourists coming into Austin to experience the unique beauty of the San Marcos River with Frontera Tours. Our tours are designed to offer fun, relaxation, and an opportunity to connect with nature, all while ensuring we leave no trace behind. Remember, while the can ban may not apply directly to the section of the river we explore, we all play a crucial role in protecting this vital ecosystem.

Let's continue to enjoy the wonders of the San Marcos River responsibly, ensuring it remains a treasure for generations to come. Book your tour with Frontera Tours today, and let's make memories on the river without making an impact on its health. Together, we can float towards a sustainable future!




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