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Austin River Tubing Float Guides

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Rivers to Float in Texas

Updated: Feb 9

River tubing in Texas is way of life for us. Float through our blog and check out some spots to beat the heat and get some sun!

Cheers to a good day floating the San Marcos river

Here are five popular places to float the river in Texas.

  • The Guadalupe River is located in the heart of the Texas' Hill Country, outside a small beautiful German town. The Guadalupe River is a beloved destination for river tubing and is usually determined by rain fall. Be sure to check water levels before heading out to the Guadalupe River. The stretch between Canyon Lake and New Braunfels offers various tubing and rafting opportunities and we recommend a place called Rockn R's tubes for all tube rentals.

  • If the Guadalupe river is dry, check out the Comal River. Situated in New Braunfels, the Comal River is one of the shortest rivers in the world, but it offers a fantastic floating experience. The river is continuously flowing due to its spring fed waters and lazy currents make it ideal for tubing and relaxing floats. This river is great for families and anyone looking to combine their float with a water theme park. Check out Texas Tubes for tube rentals.

  • The Frio River is Located in the scenic Hill Country near Garner State Park and is famous for its cool, refreshing waters. It provides a picturesque backdrop for tubing, swimming, and camping.

  • One of our personal favorites is the San Marcos River. Flowing through the city of San Marcos and east, the San Marcos River offers a unique long rural floating experience. With its constant 72-degree Fahrenheit temperature, it's an excellent spot for tubing. Also continuously flowing from the spring, you'll find river tubing all summer long. Frontera Tours offer float trips from Austin to the San Marcos river.

  • The Brazos River is one of the longest rivers in Texas, and certain sections offer opportunities for river floating. The stretch near Waco is particularly popular for tubing and canoeing.

Friends enjoying a float trip from Austin




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